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Tax Planning
& Strategy

Don't be Afraid
of the Tax Man

Farm incomes vary from one season to the next, and understanding the tax advantages available to farmers to manage these fluctuations is extremely important.

We can advise on the best structure that is specific to your circumstances and goals. We ask the right questions to get you thinking and help you figure out what's important.

Not Afraid to Ask
the Hard Questions

We are here to help, but we are also here to hold you accountable to your goals.

Want to find out more about the different tax structures and how they might apply to you? Check out this article 

The Real Value Lies in Unlocking the Big Picture

"I have always thought a good question trumps great advice. And that is why Evans Doyle are so successful in what they do best - creating value for their clients. I love my conversations with Jane - she really challenges me, gets me thinking. Asks searching questions. They often start with a ‘why’ and sometimes I am still thinking about a single question weeks and sometimes months later. Sure the annual accounts and tax advice are important and they are very good at that. But where the real value lies in unlocking the big picture - the strategy, clear thinking to clearly define objectives and goals and providing a support structure to help achieve these."

- Guy & Vic McLean