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Succession and
Estate Planning

Empower the Next Generation of Future Farmers

Your farm is likely your biggest asset and is a representation of your life’s work so you want the process of succession to the next generation to be as seamless as possible.

It can be a stressful activity if you don’t have the right advisors, this is where Evans Doyle comes in. We have the experience required to plan your succession with minimal disruption

Succession Planning is NOT
'One Size Fits All'

We understand that all families are different and one plan won’t work for everyone. We can help you contemplate and gain clarity on what you are wanting to achieve from the process. 

Whether you want the business to continue, who is best to carry to carry that out, what are the lifestyle goals etc. These are all questions we will address with your succession planning.

We Ask the Hard,
But Necessary Questions.

Part of the process will involve assessing whether the farm/business is in the position to achieve all of your objectives, and if not, assessing what changes may be required. 

This will involve reviewing the farms debt, tax and business structures and may include changes to debt structuring so the business is viable for the long term.