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Waikato's Leading
Farm Accountants

We help New Zealand farms
run like clockwork.

The team at Evans Doyle Agri understand the numbers behind profitable farms.

We have a passion for helping farms and business progress and grow. Our team has extensive experience in accounting and business advice across a wide range of industries and professions. However our routes are in Agri - We are believe in doing our bit to help farmers get on top of their finances with bespoke accounting solutions.

Accounting for Farmers by Former Farmers

We know your trade - and here's how we can help

About Our Agri Team

While we love doing the numbers our biggest thrill comes from creating enduring relationships – inside and outside our business

Our Values

Our Values that drive and inspire us are:

  • Integrity: being trustworthy, respectful and reliable
  • Passion: going all in
  • Growth: challenging ourselves to be better
  • Teamwork: working together in harmony
  • Fun: enjoying the journey.

​Our Mission

To help and support our team mates and clients to make high quality decisions to achieve their goals.

The real value lies in unlocking the big picture

"I have always thought a good question trumps great advice. And that is why Evans Doyle are so successful in what they do best - creating value for their clients. I love my conversations with Jane - she really challenges me, gets me thinking. Asks searching questions. They often start with a ‘why’ and sometimes I am still thinking about a single question weeks and sometimes months later. Sure the annual accounts and tax advice are important and they are very good at that. But where the real value lies in unlocking the big picture - the strategy, clear thinking to clearly define objectives and goals and providing a support structure to help achieve these."

- Guy & Vic McLean

More then just accountants - we're here to help businesses grow!

Read through our resources and learn everything you need to know about the business environment in NZ and worldwide

Why Choose Evans Doyle Agri?


Increasing business cashflow is one of the things we do best.
You need to know with full confidence whether you can pay those bills, acquire that asset, take that holiday. We’re here to empower you with excellent cashflow strategies, and the knowledge you need to make the very best financial decisions.


No one knows your business better than you - so why waste your time on minutiae?
Leave behind the stress of compliance, payroll, GST, reconciliations… you’ve got better things to do. Enjoy the freedom of focusing on the things that you really care about. Give yourself the space to prioritise growing your business: it just makes sense.


Relax in the confidence that your business finances are in expert hands.
We know what we’re doing, but more than that, we’re passionate about working closely with clients to find the exact solutions that best suit their particular needs. We also want to keep our people in the loop, and offer up-to-date real time data so you can monitor the health of your business 24/7. Now that’s true peace of mind.

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