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Budgets, Cashflows & Finance Facilitation

We Can Help
You Plan Ahead.

Creating a comprehensive budget combined with regular monitoring and reviews is one of the most important aspects to managing a successful farm. 

This is even more important with all the uncontrollables in farming! We can help you plan ahead with your budget, reduce stress and reinforce that you are a business worth backing.

Need an experienced set of eyes to check the figures? We have you covered!

Our Agri Accounting Team has extensive knowledge of cashflow forecasting and budgeting with over 50 combined years of experience. 

We're former farmer, so we understand the challenges and seasonality of this profession. We have the know-how for checking the key figures to make sure everything is on track.

Software that gives
your farm an edge.

We use a range of farm accounting software such as excel and Figured - whichever is best suited to your requirements and budget.

Figured is an easy to use software that integrates with Xero and suppliers such as Fonterra that allows you to budget and forecast based on accurate, real time data. Figured allows you to stress test the budget by changing factors such as the payout to see how it affects your cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet.